“Capturing the light is the essence of my work. It is always the light which catches my attention. 

That is my passion. Light is visible and invisible. 

The painting is built in an organic process of layers, slowly evolving until it comes to life. 

To a life without end. 

Without light nothing exists. 

Light is energy, light is love.



Everytime I paint, I become another..."


Maria Luisa Hernandez





"Maria Luisa Hernandez's painting shows us the edge of light. That precise moment in which landscapes empty out to be filled with the weave of our emotions.


To study her paintings is to study oneself, to painstakingly try and preserve what we have seen, felt, experienced, lived; the landscape that remains with and lives on in us. In this way, her work seems to paint the trace of our gaze: the remnants of the mountain, the wave or the sky as they melt away to become part of the dream.


The painting before us shows us its colours, colours of something concrete, tangible: a beach or a cliff that exists but are now just a glint in our eye.


Looking at her paintings is like seeing the solitude within our own eyes. Maria Luisa Hernandez's work shows us the world when all that remains is light. It tells us that landscapes are merely light and our gaze is now the embodiment of shining solitude. It tells us that looking is always seeing the solitude that shines in our eyes."


Raúl Zurita

Maria Luisa Hernandez was born in Santiago, Chile in 1966. She gained a Masters Degree in Fine Art at the University of Chile and in 1998, won an award from the Foreign Office of Chile to exhibit her art in Stockholm, which was the European cultural capital.

Coming from the New World she was finally able to witness in person the great Masters use of light; namely Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Turner. She was intrigued by the vibrant multi-culturalism of London, and made it her home in 2000, studying at The Royal Drawing School. 

Maria Luisa has exhibited in art galleries and art fairs in London and was nominated into the Courvoisier Future 500 Network sponsored by The Observer. Her work is held in private and corporate collections around the world. Maria Luisa divides her time painting between her London home and studio and her seaside studio on the English Coast.